Holistic Coach and Yoga Teacher here to support you in finding your way to greater health, happiness and inner balance in your everyday life. 

Client Testimonials


“Create Shift coaching exceeded my expectations. Ellen contextualised her Ayurvedic expertise to my personal experiences. I felt like a whole new way of living, a more balanced, grounded and contented way of life, was being opened up to me.  Learning about the Doshas has helped me understand and care for myself (and others!) better. Recognising my feelings and experiences in a better way. “




“A one-to-one session with Ellen is focused yet completely stress-free and any self-conscious feelings quickly melt away under her skillful guidance and down to earth approach.”

a message from my heart to yours . . .

the things you have been lead to believe aren’t necessarily true

the way your life is now isn’t the way it has to be

you have the power to create change

re-connecting to our bodies, intuition and deep rooted joy can help us live healthier and happier lives

self-love has the power to change the world

do the things that make you dance around with joy and give you the strength to stay steady through the tough times