My story

Ellen Carr, owner at Being Change

I’m Ellen


yoga teacher, writer & theatre maker*

constantly curious, enthusiast & change maker

I’m here to help you connect with your body, explore your creativity (yes yours) and tap into your deep-rooted joy. I do this by creating unique, inspiring and nourishing content especially for you. I create space for you to step outside your everyday life and nourish your soul.


Want to start changing your life, the gentle way?

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(*Curious about my theatre work? Head over here to learn about my theatre company, Witness Theatre.)

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I believe we’re here to live our lives joyfully, that to be happy is what we’re all seeking. And I believe our society isn’t set up so well for finding happiness and experiencing joy – not the real, innate, deep down to your bones kind that can help sustain you through the toughest of times. But I also believe in the magical power of connecting to our bodies, to nature and to our own unique creativity to bring us home to our true selves and a rich experience of life.

I believe this because I’ve lived my life in a way most of us have, or are living. I’ve experienced stress as the norm, and held the belief of exhaustion as a status symbol. I’ve been disconnected from my body, and the belief that I can take responsibility for and control of my own happiness. I’ve also come out of that and seen what’s possible on the other side.

Blending my yoga practice and work as a creative, and guided by my curiosity and love of content relating to self-development, I’ve begun to grow a life of joy and authenticity for myself.


I believe you can do this too, and I want to help you!


If we want to make the world a more loving, kind, nurturing place we need to start with connecting to ourselves, practising self-love and allowing ourselves to grow into the joyful humans we know we are.