Ellen Carr of Being Change

supporting you to find your way back to inner balance and live your healthiest, happiest life

Hi, I'm Ellen  a Holistic Coach and Yoga Teacher here to support you on your journey towards your healthiest, happiest life.


I'm based in Manchester, UK where I'm constantly navigating my own journey. Sometimes things go well, other times it feels like an uphill struggle on loose rocky footing. But experience has taught me that walking a path that's true to me instead of adhering to a load of external 'shoulds' will always lead to a more content, fulfilled and healthy life. My journey started by re-connecting to my body, bit by bit, by taking up a home yoga practice. And I now strive to live the most embodied life I can.

and that's what I want to help you with

Ellen Carr of Being Change

A little flavour of me . . .

Woo & grounded. Constantly curious, enthusiast & creative.  Passionate about the power of re-connecting to our bodies, nature and our true selves.

I’ve always wanted to change the world (I keep my ambitions small and manageable). I believe I’m here to do that by figuring out how to live my most holistic and purposeful life, and helping others (you) do the same.


 my values map

Our values are – I think – like a compass. They’re the bright stars that illuminate an otherwise dark sky and show us the way.

The values that guide my work are…

connection to nature and the seasons

the wisdom of our bodies and the power of connecting to this

a belief in our ability to change

prioritising doing work on ourselves so that we can serve others in the best way possible

human connection and community

happiness, joy and wellbeing

my core personal values are




These core values are backed up by the following underlying values.

Curiosity; Health & Vitality; Simplicity; Trust.

I write and share a heap of free content to support everyone on their journey to a more purposeful and holistic life. My blog is a great place to start, or you can find me on Instagram. You can also sign up to receive my weekly letter   – a short personal letter from me to support, inspire and encourage you on your journey to your most purposeful and holistic life.

You can also listen to me talking about my journey and to lots of lovely, inspiring guests on my podcast Create Shift.

And, if you’re keen to really dive deeper into holistic living and applying it to your daily life you can join my Being Change Patreon community where I share weekly holistic living vlogs and blogs, as well as seasonal yoga practices and live holistic living q&as.

                                                  what I do

As a yoga teacher I’m here to give you the support and tools you need to re-connect to that wonderful body of yours. I do this because the human body, including yours, is AMAZING. Repeat after me: “my body is amazing”. And, in connecting to your body, perhaps you’ll find you get closer to your true self.

I use the tools of yoga and other movement practices to help you start to live an embodied life, connect to your true self  and to help you to create the change you want to create in your life.

Yoga helped me get out of feeling stuck, in a rut, like my life wasn’t fulfilling me in the way it could be. I know it can help you too.

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If we want to make the world a more loving, kind, nurturing place we need to start with connecting to ourselves, practising self-love and allowing ourselves to grow into the joyful and purposeful humans we know we are.

my journey to a more purposeful and holistic life

I believe we’re here to live our lives joyfully, that to be happy is what we’re all seeking. And I believe we haven’t set ourselves up so well for finding happiness and experiencing joy – not the real, innate, deep down to your bones kind that can help sustain you through the toughest of times. But I also believe in the magical power of connecting to our bodies, to nature and to our own unique creativity to bring us home to our true selves and a rich experience of life.

I believe this because I’ve lived my life in a way most of us have, or are living. I’ve experienced stress as the norm, and held the belief of exhaustion as a status symbol. I’ve been disconnected from my body, and the belief that I can take responsibility for and control of my own happiness. I’ve also come out of that and seen what’s possible on the other side.

when I left university all I wanted to do was make a living making theatre

I have a degree in Drama and English Literature, I also have an abandoned degree in European Theatre Arts. When everyone was first leaving college and going off to Uni I wanted to be an actress. So I went to drama school and I left halfway through – I guess that was an early sign I wanted to walk my own path, I didn’t listen to that for a LONG time though. After graduating University I set up a theatre company (Witness Theatre) and proceeded to work day jobs whilst striving to ‘make it’.

My six years (and counting) experience making professional theatre taught me to see things differently, go with my gut and think outside the box. Gradually I realised I didn’t want to be quiet and make politely entertaining work. I wanted to be political, to make work about taboos in our society and create space for engaging with those. I also honed my skills in physical theatre and creating work from an embodied perspective.

to cut a long story short

I was unhappy struggling to make it in theatre and working jobs that didn’t feed me in any way other than giving money to , literally, feed myself (which, don’t get me wrong, is incredibly important). Finally my growing at home yoga practice collided with my desire to be creative, make a difference, to connect and to be happy with the life I was leading and I realised I didn’t have to stick to the struggling narrative – that I could take control of my own happiness. It may seem obvious, but I honestly wasn’t aware of that truth until that moment (and I don’t think I’m alone in that).

Blending my yoga practice and work as a creative and physical theatre maker, and guided by my curiosity and love of content relating to self-development, I’ve begun to grow a purposeful life of joy and authenticity for myself. My journey so far has looked a bit like this:

cultivating a daily home yoga practice and reconnecting with my body

becoming a trained yoga teacher, and continually expanding and exploring my knowledge of the human body and mind

reconnecting with the natural world and viewing myself as part of that

doing a year-long Happiness Project (inspired by Gretchen Rubin) and setting up this website as a blog to track that

over the course of that year doing A LOT of journaling that eventually lead to the creation of this business

minimising – stuff, beliefs, schedule

exploring slow living

becoming a certified holistic living coach

I don’t believe your journey has to look like mine, but I do believe you can find your own way to a more holistic and purpose driven life and that I can help you do that!