S7,ep3 Finding Your Life Purpose with Misty Sansom

In this episode of Create Shift I talk to Misty Sansom, a life purpose coach all the way from New Zealand! Misty is a writer and life purpose coach who helps people to figure out exactly what they’re meant to do in life and how to make it happen. Her work has been featured on

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S7ep1 Verity Gaida on Slow Living & Being Yourself

In this episode of Create Shift I talk to Verity Gaida, a life coach, writer & slow living lover. On her website Verity uses these two beautiful phrases, that sum up her approach to life, work and everything in between. “I believe there is strength in stillness” “I believe in slow, soulful living” I really

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Seasonal Planning for Work and Life

Each time nature shifts her seasons I take time to pause and reflect. Not only do I consider what has happened, but I take this as time to make plans for work and life for the season we’ve just shifted into. A lot of business owners do quarterly planning – this is my version of

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