Bundle Sale!

Introducing the Being Change Celebratory Bundle Sale

For the past 4 years I’ve been working on Being Change. A website that was set up as a blog to chart my happiness project in 2017 evolved into a whole business. Now it’s time for Being Change to evolve, to burn it down so a phoenix can emerge. But not without a celebration. 

I am historically bad at celebrating my own successes, but I’m practicing and it’s something I think we should all get better at. 

Toot your own horn friends, toot it loud. 

“I have taken lots of classes in mindfulness & meditation but I have to say that yours was the most helpful and easy to follow.  You are an excellent teacher Ellen.” – Sally, Radical Rest Mini Retreat attendee

Being Change came into being at a time of huge change in my life. I was exploring undoing everything I’d been taught about how life should look, how things should be. I was actively questioning what made me feel happy, and what a good life looked like to me. Piece by piece I unraveled everything, and I’m still going. As it has for most of my life, the act of writing helped me make sense of what I was feeling – to explore more deeply the questions I was asking. Blogging my happiness project helped me begin to find my own path, and to slowly connect with an online community. 

During my happiness project I began and completed my initial yoga teacher training, something that changed the way I inhabit my life and look at the world forever. So, when my partner and I packed up our lives and moved to Manchester after 9 years in Brighton, I decided it was time to try this self-employed thing for real. 

Being Change became the name I taught yoga under, and for 3 years I ran classes, workshops and events in Manchester and around. I’ve taught classes to 2 people, 18 people, 6 people and everything in between at a time as well as several 1:1 sessions. I’ve run 2 Winter Wonderland special classes to Christmas tunes, taught at a law firm, run 6 seasonal wellbeing workshops, 3 other workshops and 1 day retreat. I’ve met some wonderful people, and learnt so much from every student I’ve shared space with. 

“Ellen’s classes are always so accessible and this day retreat was so well thought out yet flexible to suit what we wanted/needed as individuals. I didn’t expect to reach the level of relaxation I did. It was lovely! Ellen is clearly incredibly knowledgeable about so many fascinating things. I love the way she weaves this into sessions.” – Amanda Winter Hibernation Day Retreat Attendee

In fact, when Covid-19 hit, I had just left employment and was ready to take this yoga teaching business full-time.  You could say “what divine timing” with a wry smile of irony but, truly, it was divine timing. 

As much as I loved my yoga teaching and Ayurveda holistic coaching work, there was always part of me yearning for something that integrated more of who I am; a dream for work that allowed me to bring all of myself. Way before Being Change I was a theatre maker, with my own company. When I moved to Manchester and pursued Being Change as a business the theatre work took a back seat. It felt messy, trying to figure out how to do them both – keeping them separate as they grew closer and closer together. 

Over 2020 I did a lot of work with coaches, mentors, self-help books, meditations and most importantly with Ray Dodd and the Plenty More Rising Community. The space has been held for me to find my way home to a dream I’ve had since I read a certain book in, I think, 2007.  The dream of a truly holistic space where everything that’s important to living a holistic, wholehearted life can live. Art; creativity; performance; movement; yoga; classes; talks; workshops; retreats; an ever-welcoming café space. All, and more, will exist at The Good Space. 

This is what Being Change is becoming, The Good Space; a place for alternative learning and radical wellbeing. And, most importantly, a space that supports us all to find good space inside of ourselves so we can cultivate good spaces in society. 

So, it’s time to say goodbye to Being Change. I tried to go silently, to let it disappear and merge into The Good Space overnight. But that just wasn’t happening. I am, after all, a Leo  – I like a fanfare and a chance to show off my mane. 

It’s funny, in the midst of running Being Change I thought I wasn’t doing well at having a business. That I had nothing to offer. Looking back, I can see just how much I created and how much there is to share. I want to share those pieces I’m most proud of with you now, in one big celebratory bundle sale. 

As I said, over my time as Being Change I’ve taught many classes, workshops, courses, retreats. Something I’m really proud of is integrating the wisdom of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine into my teachings, supporting people to find ways to find and cultivate a sense of inner harmony within themselves and their own lives. 

In celebration of this I’m offering a bundle sale of the following: 

  • The Inner Harmony 6 week Ayurveda course (full price £615/$1100 AUD/ $867 USD)
  • My 4 Ayurvedic Seasonal Wellbeing E-Books (full price £25/ $45 AUD/ $35 USD)
  • 5 hour long yoga practice recordings focused on the yamas and niyamas, a core part of yogic philosophy (full price £75/ $135 AUD/ $106 USD)

In this celebratory bundle you get all of this for the price £395 ($707 AUD/ $557 USD), a celebratory saving of £320 ($573 AUD / $451 USD)! You can click through below to read more about each item, but in a nutshell this bundle will provide you with powerful practices and ancient wisdom to bring to your everyday life to help you find a greater sense of harmony and ease. You can buy this glorious celebratory bundle until 5pm GMT Monday 17th May.

Sometimes change feels overwhelming with 2 kids but this course taught me how, and inspired me, to shift gently.” – Melita, October 2020 Inner Harmony course participant

This bundle is for you if: 

  • You’ve been on the fence about doing the Inner Harmony Ayurveda course for a while. I won’t be offering this course in the same format again, so the time to get it is now. 
  • You’re interested in taking a more holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, but don’t know where to start. 
  • You’ve read a bit about Ayurveda, but aren’t sure how to actually apply its teachings to your life. 
  • You want to take a seasonal approach to your life, work and wellbeing. 
  • You’re interested in deepening your understanding of yogic practice and philosophy. 

This bundle isn’t for you if:

  • You don’t believe in the power of the mind-body connection.
  • You want quick fixes for all your problems.
  • You don’t believe in alternative or holistic approaches to wellbeing. 
  • You don’t think there are issues with patriarchal capitalism and the way we’re told to live. 
  • You don’t believe we’re part of nature. 

Once you buy the bundle everything in it is yours to keep forever, meaning you can come back to it time and time again. You can also access a private Facebook community where you can get ongoing support with your holistic living journey. Expect prompts for consideration, live mini workshops with me and a supportive community to help you continue applying Ayurvedic principles in your daily life. 

“The style of the e-learning and the way each module was laid out was well thought though and flowed naturally. It had the right amount of detail and the prompts were very suitable to embrace the concepts. I particularly liked embodying the feelings as I have always found it hard to feel rather than think … and this really helped me. Thank you so much Ellen! You are very inspiring x Emma” Emma, January 2021 Inner Harmony course participant

Optional 1:1 support

When you purchase your bundle you’ll have the option to add some 1:1 support. 

This coaching package offers you x2 45 minute coaching calls with me over the course of 6 weeks whilst you work through the Inner Harmony Ayurveda course. In the calls we can discuss the course content, support you to understand anything that’s feeling sticky for you and help you to apply the wisdom and teachings to your own life and unique circumstances. 
The coaching would be a great addition for you if: 

  • You need external accountability to complete things like e-courses, and know you probably won’t work through all of the course if you don’t have accountability. 
  • You have some specific issues you’d like to know how to use Ayurveda to support you with. 
  • You prefer having a personal touch when learning something new and integrating it into your life. 

Calls will be held on Zoom, and can happen any time during the 6 week timeframe after you’ve bought the bundle. Once you’ve bought I’ll be in touch to arrange. 

The coaching was extremely helpful, making me think about things in more depth and give myself permission and trust.” Amy, October 2020 Inner Harmony Course Participant


Is there any coaching element with the course? 

No. This version of the course is self-paced with no group coaching calls. However, when you purchase you have the option to add two private 1:1 calls with me if you’d like the extra accountability or personal touch. 

Can I do the course from anywhere in the world? 

Yes! This course is accessible to you wherever you are in the world as it’s all online and there are no live elements. All the material is in English though, so you’ll need to be comfortable with that to be able to access it. 

How long will the course take me to complete? 

I recommend doing the course over a period of 6 weeks. However, as this isn’t a live round you can take it at whatever pace works for you. If you’re doing it weekly you’ll need a couple of hours a week to go through all the material. 

Are the yoga practices suitable for all bodies? 

Absolutely. I teach yoga in an inclusive and accessible way and always offer options and modifications. That being said, as these are recorded classes you will need to be comfortable in knowing what works for you and your body and in modifying for your own needs. 

Are the yoga practices okay for beginners? 

Yes! The filmed practices are from an all-levels, beginner friendly class. Beginners are always welcome. 

All this holistic living stuff sounds great, but how’s it actually going to help me in my life? I feel like my money would be better spent on courses to do with my work.

It is so easy to feel this way. I spent many years feeling like I’d prioritise myself after I got my work sorted, I was earning x amount, I had x,yz, in place. But actually doing this work exploring Ayurveda and other holistic living practices has helped me get so much clearer on the work I want to be doing and how I want to do it. It’s also helped me to understand how to best do my work and shape my days to best support myself, and get the best results. In short, doing this work will improve your work and possibly even help you earn more money. 

Will you just be telling me what to eat and not eat, and suggesting I do things that are really impractical if I work 9-5 or have kids etc? 

Absolutely not. A core part of what I do is about sharing practices, tools and ideas you can apply to your life right now – whatever your life looks like. I’m all about taking the big philosophies, concepts and ideas and finding small ways to bring them into practice immediately. 

What’s the deal with the patriarchal capitalism point above? 

I believe that the system we live under – patriarchal capitalism – has a lot of ‘shoulds’ around what life should look like and how we should live that are not helpful for anyone’s wellbeing. I believe turning to the ancient holistic wisdom from traditions such as Ayurveda can help us untangle ourselves from these ‘shoulds’ and connect to more sustainable ways to live for ourselves, our communities and the planet. 

Still got questions? 

Let’s chat! Just pop me an email on ellen@being-change.com and we’ll talk it through.

The course has reassured me that it’s okay to listen to what I need and want and that, amidst my busy life of juggling lots of balls, there are small changes I can make to help balance my life.” – Melita, October 2020 Inner Harmony course participant