Create Shift S1Ep4: Being Your Wild, Primal Self with Emma Newlyn

In episode 4 of season 1 of Create Shift I’m joined by yoga teacher, writer and therapist Emma Newlyn. Our chat covers all sorts of topics from our need to recognise how interconnected we are with the world around us, how advancements in industry and technology have impacted modern day humans and the ancient Indian health and wellbeing system of Ayurveda. It’s a conversation that I think might make you breathe a little deeper, look a little closer and realise that although change is scary it doesn’t have to be a big deal.

You can find out more about Emma on her website here, and you can find her on Instagram here and Facebook here.

If you’re interested in the topics discussed in this episode you may be interested in Emma’s upcoming training course in yoga as a holistic lifestyle practice, natural health, holistic wellbeing and Ayurveda. The course is starting Autumn 2019 and you can contact Emma for more information.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Considering yoga as a holistic practice, not just about the physical body
  • The concept of holistic living, or ‘whole-istic’ living
  • Our relationship with the world around us, how we’re interconnected with it and always responding and adapting to it
  • How considering making changes to your environment may be the best first step rather than making changes to yourself when there’s a habit you want to change
  •  Little steps, not big changes
  • How our unconscious minds confirm our beliefs
  • How our bodies are always talking to us – sometimes they’re telling us “I really need a big cake” – and how to start listening again
  • Social media and its effects on our ability to interact with one another
  • The glorification of busy
  • Refocusing on where you put your importance self away from output and financial gain as a measure of self-worth
  • Why changing ourselves is terrifying
  • The ancient Indian health and wellbeing system of Ayurveda, including an exercise to do whilst listening to start tuning into Ayurvedic systems of wellbeing in your life

Links and resources mentioned

Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

The interview with Dr Claudia Welch Emma mentions

My blog about Googling less and trusting yourself more

Books and resources to find out more about Ayurveda

Robert Svoboda’s books Prakriti and  Ayurveda for Women

Dr Vasant Lad and Claudia Welch

Sebastian Pole’s book A Pukka Life

Jasmine Hemsley’s cookbook East by West 

Interested to find out what your dosha is? You can take a quiz on the Pukka Herbs website here. 

Listen to my conversation with Emma Newlyn

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Thanks for listening.

Ellen x

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