Create Shift S4,ep1: Autumn Seasonal Living

It’s season 4 of Create Shift, the Autumn season (perhaps my favourite, don’t tell the others). I’m so happy to have created this podcast for a whole year’s worth of seasons. Thank you so much for listening along and supporting, and welcome to new listeners too. In this first episode of the Autumn season I talk all about Autumn seasonal living, sharing tips and advice from the Ayurvedic tradition for ways to stay healthy, well and in balance this season.

Things discussed in this episode

  • My favourite things about Autumn
  • How I view the seasons in pairs, and why I find this useful
  • Ayurvedic seasonal living theory and how it applies to Autumn
  • My top tips for simple things to bring into your life to feel connected to Autumn, and to support your wellbeing this season
  • My favourite Autumn hot chocolate recipe
  • My Autumn Seasonal Health & Wellbeing E-Book

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Pinnable Image: Close up of brown wide brimmed hat on a wooden surface next to yellow Autumn leaves, crumpled brown paper and a cup of tea. Text overlay: Autumn Seasonal Living. My top tips and advice for staying healthy and well in Autumn. Create shift S4,ep1


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Listen to Create Shift S4, ep1 Autumn Seasonal Living

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Thanks for listening, Ellen x

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