Welcome to Create Shift podcast season 6 ep1, a deep dive into how to boost your immune system from a holistic perspective with guest Emma Newlyn. As I write this it’s Wednesday on week two of lockdown in the UK. We find ourselves navigating entirely uncharted waters. Our lives, work and entire worlds are changing. It’s challenging and scary to say the least. And yet there is – I think – some hope to be found in all of this. The systems we’ve known for so long are crumbling, and with that comes the chance for different and perhaps better systems to be built in their place. I hope that holistic living and the things we talk about on this podcast may play more of a role in this new world.

Perhaps this season of the podcast can support you to gently ask questions of what kind of life you’d like to return to, and encourage you to find the ways you can best support yourself and those around you right now. In today’s episode returning guest Emma Newlyn and I talk about the immune system and offer practical suggestions for ways we can all support our immunity.

Find Emma online at emmanewlynyoga.com. On Instagram at @emmanewlynyoga and on Facebook at facebook.com/emmanewlynyoga

Thank you so much for being here.

Ellen x

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Topics covered in this episode

  • How the immune system is impacted by stress.
  • The relationship between the immune system and the gut, and the best ways to keep our digestion healthy.
  • The law of attraction and the power of the mind.
  • How having a sense of purpose can support our immune system.
  • The power of breathing.
  • Ways you can support yourself to come into parasympathetic nervous system response.
  • Emma guides us through some practical exercises that you can do wherever you are to boost your immune system.

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