The difficulty of fitting play in around ‘adulting’

It’s the middle of May and I could be doing better with my ‘Make time to play’ resolutions. Then again, I could also be doing worse. It’s hard to find time to play as a grown up, especially when ‘adulting’ things get in the way. This week boyfriend and I went to Manchester on a whirlwind trip to find a flat to live in for our upcoming relocation. In between scouring Rightmove every moment, booking and then doing viewings I’ve found it hard to make time to play. But, as I said at the start of the month, it’s exactly in the busy/stressful moments we need to give ourselves time to play.

Issue 1: How do I play?

Even if you do schedule in time to play, it can be hard to know what to do with that time. I’ve decided to write out a list of ideas that I can then randomly select one of to do for my scheduled play time. Here’re some ideas for now:

  • Dance
  • Play an existing song on ukulele
  • Make a new song on ukulele
  • Free writing
  • Photography
  • Make something out of things in the house

Even as I’m writing this my brain’s going off with ideas for lots of other potential play activities. The simple act of thinking of ideas will always generate more.

Issue 2: How do I create for myself?

I find it hard to create without having an ultimate outcome in mind. Be that an audience for a play; a reader for a story; or even potential places I can submit the work to in order to achieve some sort of recognition. The idea of creating for myself is to get out of the thinking of always needing recognition, and find space simply to be a creative person.

As a stepping-stone towards creating just for me I’m going to start sharing some of the things I’ve done in play time on here. I know it’s not strictly creating just for me, but at least it should stop me entering all the competitions…

Some recent play creations…

Rainy day drawing
A little drawing I did on a rainy morning, in response to a comment boyfriend made about hating umbrellas…


A pic I took as we grabbed some tea and cake before flat hunting in Manchester. This week’s #hurrayforplay theme is to capture a scene, so that’s what I tried to do here.

How do you take time to create for you?

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