Everyday adventures

It’s Sunday morning and my face smells of suncream, because I’m going for a walk in the rare Manchester sunshine. As I head out of the door a wave of nostalgia tinged with sadness fills me. The last time I was dressed in my walking gear I was on holiday, a proper adventure exploring new terrain. We have no holidays planned right now, and so my first few steps are filled with yearning for new adventures.

But as the fresh air fills my lungs, the sunlight hits my (appropriately protected) face, and my boots acquaint themselves with mud I begin to shift my perspective. What if this walk to the nature reserve 15 minutes from my house, too, could be an adventure?

The way I see it a ‘proper’ adventure takes us off the beaten path of our lives. It allows us to get away from the well-trodden walkways of work, money worries, and planning for the future. But does this always, and only, happen when we’ve literally escaped our everyday and are hundreds or thousands of miles away?

I used to think so and, don’t get me wrong, I love a holiday. But when I started thinking about it I realised an adventure, more than anything, takes you to a different mental space. And (cue lightning bolt moment) that can happen anywhere.


an adventure can happen anywhere.

I probably already knew this, but maybe didn’t want to admit it. When I know an adventure can happen on my doorstep, I have no excuse for being bored or frustrated at the lack of holiday plans – and this can be hard.

But now I’m admitting it, an adventure can happen inside our homes or right on our doorsteps. The big adventures are lovely, and it’s not like my yearning for them or enjoyment of them is going to go away. It’s just that now I have the everyday adventures too. It’s nice to know an adventure doesn’t have to be saved for, or take weeks out of my schedule.

When money’s tight, or we’re in a season of hustling hard (in a holistic way!) on our work the everyday adventure can be a ray of light. An adventure can be a sunny Sunday morning walk that has you home for lunch. It’s no less of an adventure and it’ll bring a heap of joy into your day.

How do you find adventures in your everyday? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. 

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