Expand your world: November’s Happiness Project theme

I’m approaching the end of my year long Happiness Project (no, I can’t believe it either). So for this month’s theme I really wanted to think about areas I felt were still impacting my happiness levels. What I’ve come up with is a collection of resolutions that I think best fit under the theme expand your world. A lot of my Happiness Project has been about building happiness boosting habits. Stuff like three item to-do lists; meal planning; and 1 hour on the Internet each day. Whilst habits are great, sometimes we can find they limit us and make us feel a little stuck in our lives and routines.

This month is about expanding my world by creating some room for freedom and malleability in mental and physical habits.

Expand Your World: Loosen your grip on definitions; Forget about results; Remember pleasure; Plan your time

My expand your world resolutions

Loosen your grip on definitions

Recently I’ve been thinking about work and how I define whether or not I am working. It’s such a slippery definition, especially with the kind of work I do. I often judge myself for not working enough if I’ve not spent a certain amount of time actually creating something where I can see the result. So I want to loosen my grip on my definition of what work is and allow myself to do whatever feels right in relation to a particular project. It’s not just work though, I want to apply this to all my definitions from time to time and see what happens.

Forget about results

I want to do things just for the sake of doing them more. To forget about needing to keep reading new books, and return to an old favourite if I want to. To re-watch old movies, or write something just for the sake of it. This is a bit similar to my ‘create for you’ resolution from May – something I have definitely struggled with. I am very results and achievement oriented and this is something I don’t particularly like about myself. So, this month will be a challenge to try to be less like this.

Remember pleasure

Connected to ‘forget about results’ I want to remember what brings me pleasure and do things just for pleasure’s sake. It’s not that I don’t have any enjoyment or pleasure now, but I feel like I can allow myself the liberty to enjoy pleasures more.

Plan your time

Woah now, how can planning my time be in any way connected to expanding my world? I know, it seems odd but I’m realising the truth in the counterintuitive notion that the more I plan the more freedom I have. In my second session with creative coach Jen Carrington I was set the task to plan my time in detail every single day until our next session on the 25th November. I’ve started this week and am finding it really useful because I’m not just planning work, I’m planning rest time too. I’m hoping that by planning more thoroughly I will have more chance to remember pleasure, and do things just for the sake of them. I also want to expand my world by planning to do new/different things – because if I don’t plan them, I won’t do them.

And that’s November’s Happiness Project. Let me know what you think of the resolutions in the comments below and if you have any tips for any of these!



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