Inner Harmony

My signature 6 week Ayurveda e-course program.

You want to feel that you know yourself, and that you can support yourself to live a good life. You want to understand what a good life looks and feels like for you, away from the ‘shoulds’ of society.

In fact you are SO done with those ‘shoulds’. You’ve tried to do what society says you should do in order to live a good life. You’ve tried to do the different routines, processes, exercises, diets that you’ve heard should lead to wellbeing. You’ve tried them and they don’t work. Deep down you never really thought they would, because they weren’t coming from you.

Some days you fly through, feeling as if they’ve been designed just for you. Everything feels right, good, connected, in harmony, flowing, easeful. You want to feel the joy of having a day that’s been set up by you to support you and give you exactly what you need to feel good.

And the days that don’t feel so good? The times when things happen (which they do, that’s life) to knock you off kilter. You want to know and trust that you can bring yourself back to balance with love, kindness and care.

You want to feel like you’re on even ground inside yourself. To feel that sense of release and ease when you allow yourself to be who you are and live a life that supports that. You crave that sense of freedom that comes from releasing the ‘shoulds’, living life for you and connecting to the world around you from a deeply harmonious you place.

You want Inner Harmony.

the course has reassured me that it’s okay to listen to what I need and want and that, amidst my busy life of juggling lots of balls, there are small changes I can make to help balance my life.” Melita – October 2020 course participant

But doesn’t that require huge changes?

No, it doesn’t. Time and again in my own life and in working with clients I have seen the amazing power of small changes. Using the tools and principles of Ayurveda you will learn how tiny tweaks to your everyday life and routines can make the biggest difference on your sense of wellbeing, ease and harmony.

Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, believes that each of our natural states is one of inner harmony. It also believes that the path to get there is different for each of us, because we’re all different.

How would it feel to live a life in accordance with your rhythms and the rhythms of nature?

How would you like to know what kind of morning and evening routine would work for you and your nature?

Fancy knowing what spices to add to foods to help you feel more grounded, uplifted, calmer?

Want to understand why you act the way you do, to embrace your ‘flaws’ as part of your unique personality and offer radical acceptance to yourself?

How would it feel to know you can bring balance to yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, not good enough, unmotivated?

How would it feel to show up in your life, work and relationships in a way that feels harmonious to you?

How would you like to show up in the world from a place of inner harmony, so that you can be part of creating greater harmony for the world?

If this sounds good, read on …

Here’s what you’ll get access to with Inner Harmony

  • x6 weekly modules introducing you to a new aspect of Ayurvedic theory and how to use it in your life to find greater inner harmony.

Each module is hosted on its own course platform (that you’ll have lifetime access to), lessons are presented in text and audio format so you can learn in a way that suits you. Alongside the core lessons for each week you get recorded movement and meditation practices to support you in learning this not only through the mind, but through the body as well. Each module is complimented by weekly workbook with guided exercises and journaling prompts to aid you in connecting to the material in your own way.

  • A private Facebook community for the duration of this course. Making changes to live in this way is countercultural and so I think it’s really important to be part of a community of other people also exploring approaching life in this way. The group is completely optional, and you’ll still get all the course content if you don’t join it.
  • x6 weekly 75 minute group coaching calls with me. These calls are your chance to access the material on a deeper level, to truly understand it in relation to you and your life and to gain wisdom from the group. These calls also provide that much-needed safe space and sense of community when doing this work. All calls will be recorded for you to look back on, and access at your own time if you can’t join live.
  • Email support from me for the duration of the course.

“The coaching was extremely helpful, making me think about things in more depth and give myself permission and trust.” Amy, October 2020 course participant

And here’s some of the learning you’ll get…

  • An understanding of some of the key principles of Ayurvedic theory (doshas, gunas, pairs of opposites, seasonal living).
  • A new framework through which to look at and understand yourself and the world around you. 
  • A deeper understanding of yourself, and your own path to inner harmony for where you are in your life right now.
  • A connection to, and trust of, your own inner knowing and intuition. 
  • An understanding of how to use Ayurveda to support yourself in your daily routines and rituals; work life; relationships; diet and daily nourishment; in the home.

Okay, when can I start my journey to Inner Harmony?

We start with the New Moon January 13th 2021 and will run for 6 weeks from there. You have access to the course material forever, but I’ll only be live with you for those 6 weeks.

Please note I don’t offer refunds, so take the time to ensure it’s a hell yes and invest with intention.

I have just 25 spaces on the course. So, if you can be an earlybird it’s worth it to secure your space & get the earlybird special offer!

Earlybird special offer!

This phrase just makes me think of a coffee and cake deal or something, which would be nice (but maybe not the coffee if you’re Vata dosha…), but not what you get here.

No, my earlybird offer for this course is running just for the month of October (until Tuesday 27th to be exact).

Be an earlybird and sign up by midnight Sunday 8th November to get the following:

  • Access to a special, bonus group coaching/workshop session all about holistic living tools to support resilience with me and your fellow cohort in November (recorded if you can’t make it live.)
  • My most accessible payment plans, allowing you to pay in 4 or 8 monthly instalments.
  • ALL of my Ayurveda inspired seasonal living e-books full of practical advice for staying healthy, well and harmonious each season.

“If you are interested in doing it, and it’s within your means, you should sign up. The materials are accessible and can be reviewed at your own pace, it’s presented to suit a range of learning styles and Ellen is clever and intuitive enough to help you access what it is about ayurveda that you need to know or apply.” – Melita, October 2020 course participant

Ready to invest?

The course the investment is £615 if paid in full. You can also pay through 3, 4 or 8 monthly payment plans, as outlined below.

If it’s a HELL YES right now you can go ahead and grab that earlybird deal. Everyone who joins by midnight November 8th gets that special resilience workshop with me in November plus my Ayurveda inspired seasonal living e-books. The 4 monthly payment & 8 monthly plans are only available until November 8th.

Want to chat before investing?

I’d love to chat through any questions or concerns you might have about investing in this course. Click below to book a 10 minute call with me.

Testimonials on Working With Me

Ellen is clearly incredibly knowledgeable about so many fascinating things. I love the way she weaves this into sessions. Amanda Bush

My batteries have been running on low for a while now and really needed a boost.  I have taken lots of classes in mindfulness & meditation but I have to say that yours was the most helpful and easy to follow.  You are an excellent teacher Ellen. Sally Maughan

I am always impressed with Ellen’s extensive knowledge of the body’s various physical and neurological systems and the internal and environmental factors that can affect wellbeing. Lois Gyves