June Happiness Project: follow your intuition

There have been many times I’ve spoken the words “go with your gut”, usually to a friend asking my advice on a decision. “What should I do?” – the answer is usually always “go with your gut”. But how many of us actually, truly, do that? I know I’m guilty of saying but not doing. It’s pretty hard to listen to our deep intuition even if, deep down, we know it’s right. All of the habits we’ve acquired get in the way, as well as the demands society places on us. Sometimes, often, going with your gut means going against the grain or all the ‘shoulds’ in our lives.

It’s the 12th of June and I haven’t got a Happiness Project theme and list of resolutions for this month. If I’d listened to my intuition I’d have realised this month didn’t need a theme, but instead needed to be time to reflect on previous months and rest in those resolutions for a while. If I’d listened maybe this blog post would have come sooner. But I had to fight through a field of ‘should’ gremlins before I could be an advocate for my intuition.

The ‘should’ gremlins…


“I should be moving forward”

“Gretchen Rubin had one theme for each month of her Happiness Project, I should do that too”

“I should make more space for my Happiness Project”

“I should try harder”

“I should be posting on this blog more often and putting more effort into it”

BAH. That’s what I say to all the should gremlins.

Anyway, I fought through them and here I am enjoying the fact that I have time to reflect on my Happiness Project so far. It doesn’t matter how Gretchen Rubin did hers, she even says in her book that everyone’s Happiness Project will be different. There is no one route to work on happiness, if there were this project would be pointless.

What I need right now for my happiness is some space. This year has been a lot so far. Great things have happened, like starting this blog and doing my yoga teacher-training course. But there’s been a lot of change, and change is hard work and tiring. Plus boyfriend and I are moving in less than a month. It’s time to ignore the ‘shoulds’, listen to my gut and give myself a break. As I prepare to move up North I will gather and consolidate all my happiness resources so they can support me along the way.

Now I’m going to sit down with a cup of tea. How about you, how can you follow your intuition this month?



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