Invest in yourself – more than just money

Back in February I had the Happiness Project resolution ‘Invest in You’ and since then I’ve been working to change the way I think about spending money on myself. I invested in my self-development and growth by taking my yoga teacher training course, and I’ve been working on seeing things like massages and osteopath appointments not as lavish treats but as necessities to maintain a healthy mind and body. Some recent conversations and events, though, have made me think more on this concept. I’ve come to the realisation that what we invest in ourselves, and what we ask others to invest in us, is directly linked to our sense of self worth. Plus, it’s not about investing only money in ourselves, it’s about trust and self-belief too.

Fear of investing money in ourselves

Recently I decided to invest a fairly sizeable chunk of money in myself. I’ve booked into 6 months of one-to-one coaching sessions with wonderful creative coach Jen Carrington. Jen’s great and I’m really excited to work with her. This isn’t a decision I entered into lightly, I’d been thinking about it for months actually. Still, I was pretty nervous to take the leap and pay out for it – it’s funny how real things get once you see the money leaving the bank account.

The reasons behind my nerves were connected to other people’s judgement of what I was doing and my fear of failing with the business ideas I’m going to be working on in these sessions. It was a moment of having to fight the gremlins, commit to my decision and believe in myself.

Invest your trust and belief in yourself, as much as anything else.

Spending money on ourselves is one thing, but we need to invest trust and belief in ourselves to really get the gold. We need to believe that we, and our ideas, are worth having our time, attention and – yes – money spent on them. Like the old adage of needing to love yourself before anyone else can love you, if you don’t invest your belief in yourself, and your own self-worth how can you expect others to?

How we invest in ourselves relates to how others invest in us too

Invest in yourself

I’ve had lots of conversations with people recently about how you price your work, especially as a relative newcomer to the scene (whatever scene it is you may be working in). Although the tendency is to price ourselves lower than the going average rate to seem more attractive, I’m realising this is really a big I’M JUST A BEGINNER AND I HAVE NO FAITH IN MYSELF shout.

It comes down to that confidence thing again. We need to be more honest with ourselves about how much we want to earn and how much our work is worth, whatever work it is that we do.

Invest in yourself. Believe that the services you offer, the skills you have ARE worth something and price them accordingly. Don’t devalue the work you do. Once you value yourself and what you do, others will value it too.

Invest some belief in yourself.

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