Multipotentiality: what is it and what style am I?

As promised this post is here to provide a bit more information on the multipotentialite thing I keep talking about. I only discovered pretty recently that multipotentiality was a thing, this is why I keep talking about it – I’m excited. One of my resolutions for April’s ‘making my work work’ Happiness Project theme is to create my own definition. Defining myself as a multipotentialite  plays a big part in that, and has helped me start to coming to terms with how I work.

How do I know I’m a multipotentialite?

Back when I was researching other blogs before setting up this one I stumbled across Puttylike. I don’t know what search term it was that got my there, but the tagline ‘a home for multipotentialites’ got me intrigued to read more. The Puttylike website has a useful ‘Start here’ page that links to useful things like terminology and posts on working as a multipotentialite.

I’ve bandied a few definitions of multipotentialites round in previous posts, but I think it was this paragraph that really grabbed my interest:

Multipotentialites have no “one true calling” the way specialists do. Being a multipotentialite is our destiny. We have many paths and we pursue all of them, either sequentially or simultaneously (or both)

The fence erector story

When I read the paragraph above I was reminded of the time in school when we got careers advice. To be clear, this ‘advice’ was taking some supposedly specially designed quiz on the computer during IT class. I was pretty excited, I love a good quiz and especially one that promises to tell me more about myself. Sadly, first time round the computer came up with a big fat nothing. No ideas for what I should choose as a future career. I tried again, changing my answers to try and get a result. Fence erector is what I got; fence erector…

Looking back on it, I suppose the quiz was telling me something about myself. My answers don’t fit into pre-defined boxes, or criteria. I have diverse, multiple interests and I want to pursue them all. I’m not indecisive, I’m a multipotentialite. I will erect the fence around my own garden of varying pursuits from theatre; to writing; to yoga; to creating silly songs on my ukulele and whatever else may grow in the future.

It’s not that simple though

There’s an interesting article over on Puttylike called ‘Does Having Three Jobs Make Me a Multipotentialite? (hint: maybe not)’. It talks about the different ways people can express their multipotentiality. For example, you can be a multipotentialite and be a specialist in one area. Luckily, Emilie over at Puttylike has created this short quiz to determine if you’re a multipotentialite, and what type you are.

What kind of multipotentialite am I?

My quiz results reveal I’m a a mixed-style multipotentialite. According to the Puttylike definition mixed-style multipotentialites…

  • Are happiest when they have a few different projects on their plate at any given time.
  • Love variety, but get overwhelmed when they have too much.
  • Sometimes go through periods where they are juggling a bunch of different projects and periods where they are deeply invested in a single thing.

Thinking about my recent problem with needing to realise when it’s time to invest my focus in one thing, the final point really resonates.

Now it’s your turn to take the quiz. Are you a multipotentialite? Let me know what results you got in the comments below.

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