New city, new rhythms of life

So we’ve moved. Not just to a new flat, but a new city. All part of the plan of this year of changing my life, and moving towards the big goal of buying our own home. But before that I’m faced with the task of redefining my life. Figuring out who I am here, who I can be, and shaping my life the way I want. The phrase that pops to mind is finding my rhythm here; what is the rhythm of my life in this new place?

Finding my rhythms in Manchester
Finding my rhythms in Manchester has so far involved a fair bit of tea & cake.

In Brighton I had my rhythms, but I was also mostly stuck in them. Here I have no rhythm yet, and I have freedom to explore. I do have some routines that have moved with me (morning yoga, journaling, drinking hot lemon water…), and I guess the transportability of our routines is one of the great things that make us adaptable as humans.

As I see it, though, the rhythms of our lives are different from our routines. Or, perhaps, it’s the way our routines blend together to create a larger whole. Our rhythms are the way we navigate our homes, our day-to-day existence, the local area, the city, and on and on. It’s our own unique way of being in the place that we are.

At the moment the rhythms of my day-to-day existence are wide open and, partly, I want to keep this sense of freedom. I want to still feel open and able to explore even after being here a year or more. Like I said, I was pretty stuck in Brighton and moving to a new city is a great chance to get unstuck; but right now I do feel quite unmoored, bobbing about on other people’s rhythms more than my own. To feel rooted, but not stuck, comfortable in my own rhythms but able to improvise – that’s the ideal, but how long will that take and what is the way to get there? To start I’m returning to focus on my Happiness Project resolutions so far for the year (info on July’s theme coming soon!) and in particular seeking help from May’s theme ‘Make Time for Play’.

Have you ever made a big move to a new place, and how did  you settle in to your rhythms there?

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