” I used to think yoga was intimidating and having has some bad experiences was pretty sure it wasn’t for me. However having been advised by a physio that working on my flexibility would likely ease a lot of the shoulder and back pain I was suffering from, I gave Ellen’s class a go, and haven’t looked back. I get loads of it wrong, and fall over pretty regularly but it doesn’t matter, because Ellen’s classes are so relaxed and non-judgey, it inspires everyone else in the room to just give it a go and have fun trying. Her mix of mindfulness and yoga also makes each session a welcome relief in the face of busy lives and working weeks. I have also tried the special restorative classes and would really recommend these to anyone with a busy brain and a office-bound body! ” Abby Ledger Lomas

“I love Ellen’s classes. Her technical expertise is considerable but she also projects the centred calm that is the goal of yoga. Highly recommended.” Jennifer McKenna

“I have been going to yoga with Ellen over the last few months, including the odd 1:1. Ellen is such a wonderful yoga teacher, very knowledgeable but also really relaxed and grounded.  I always feel like my body has had a great stretch, and I have increased my flexibility, my breathing and my peace of mind.

Ellen’s classes are a real mind spirit body experience. And they smell great too, as she brings along lovely essential oils. Can’t recommend her classes highly enough.” Kim Gowland


“Ellen’s one-to-one sessions are particularly beneficial for focusing on specific needs. She is able to devise a bespoke session e.g. relaxation for sleep, including movement, breathing and visualisation techniques, correcting posture along the way.

A one-to-one session with Ellen is focused yet completely stress-free and any self-conscious feelings quickly melt away under her skillful guidance and down to earth approach.” Lois Gyves

“I thoroughly enjoy Ellen’s Gentle Flow Yoga classes and always feel refreshed after the sessions. Ellen manages to incorporate subtle challenges to benefit the body and the mind and inspire participants to develop their practice. I am also always impressed with Ellen’s extensive knowledge of the body’s various physical and neurological systems and the internal and environmental factors that can affect wellbeing.” Lois Gyves

Get in touch to book your 1:1 yoga session

If you’d like to book a 1:1 yoga session either in person in Manchester, or on Skype, I would love to hear from you! You can get in touch via the contact form here, or if you prefer just pop an email to ellen [at] being-change [dot] com. If you have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat. If you’d like to attend a class in Manchester you can find out where I’m currently teaching yoga classes here. And, if you’re keen to find out about upcoming events and retreats the best thing to do is sign up to my monthly letter.