The Beautiful Human Project

Beautiful Human, by Ellen Carr

The Beautiful Human Project

is an artistic intervention in self-love.

A counter to the perpetual relentless drive for forward momentum, for doing more, being more and achieving more that exists in our society and results in feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt and negative self talk and feelings.

Do you feel like you’re constantly prioritising the needs of others above your own? Are you often telling yourself things like “I’m not good enough” and comparing your life and work to others? Perhaps you wake up and the first thoughts that go through your head are all the things you’ve got to do, and how you didn’t do it all yesterday. Are you familiar with the feeling of hardly ever pausing to ask yourself what you need, let alone actually giving it to yourself? Maybe you even get annoyed at yourself for not living in a way that nourishes you, because you know that if you did you could show up so much more fully in your life and work. But you just can’t quite get to the point of living from that place of self-love first and foremost. Do you want to be a person who loves themselves so fully that they can work such wonderful magic in the world, make truly radical positive change because they are so damn rooted in love?

Well, then, The Beautiful Human Project is for you my friend.

The Beautiful Human Project is an experience, a moment, an invitation to notice and remind yourself of how well you’re doing, how amazing you are and that you are a beautiful, wonderful human so worthy of love (your own especially).

The door is open, step inside and nourish yourself and invite someone else in whilst you’re at it.

The Beautiful Human Project aims to:

  • Offer anyone who needs it a chance to connect to their own beauty (worth, spirit, love)
  • Create space for the sharing of this invitation around the world, as far as we  can get it
  • Remind us that love is a practice, and the foundation for all things
  • Support us in reconnecting to our own nourishment
  • Remember that to focus on love is not to ignore or negate challenge, trauma or what might be labeled ‘negative/challenging’ emotions. That love is an essence that can underpin all of these things both to support us in our feeling and doing, and to support radical action that can create change.

What The Beautiful Human Project is:

The Beautiful Human Project is:

  • The Beautiful Human poem; the one at the top of this page. If you like, you can get this poem as an audio download along with some free prompts for further engaging with this theme. To get this just pop your email in the box below!
  • If you like and enjoy using social media as a way to connect with others and express yourself then you’re welcome to use The Beautiful Human Project as inspiration for your own posts. Use #thebeautifulhumanproject to share & tag @being_change on Instagram.
  • You are also welcome to use The Beautiful Human Project as inspiration for your own actions and interactions in the ‘real world’, imagine that?!
  • You can choose to invest in The Beautiful Human Project Experience, a low time-commitment, high-impact month long experience. More on this below.

The Beautiful Human Project Experience

 A low time-commitment, high-impact month long experience that will gently and fiercely support you in nurturing yourself and strengthening your foundation of love so you can fill the world with your unique brand of magic.

Upcoming dates: 8th – 31st March 2021. Enrolment closes midnight 3rd March.

What to expect

– Weekly communication from me in our private community space (not Facebook) offering a new activity to explore to nurture yourself, connect to your self-love and inner beauty

– Bonus love notes and surprises

– Weekly 30 minute group movement practices held live via Zoom, plus replays available for the duration of the experience

– Live 2hr closing ceremony held via Zoom with food, rituals, movement, possibly glitter, commitment to action and so much love

– The option to work with me 1:1 during the experience

You can also expect

  • A safe, nurturing space in which to do this work
  • A challenge; this isn’t fluffy love we’re working with but pure, unedited, fierce and powerful love that can change the world
  • A supportive circle of people doing the work with you. If you crave connection and community, to be in circle with like-minded folk then this will offer you that (although we can’t physically sit in circle, I am constantly surprised by the impact of sitting in virtual circle with folk)
  • To be surprised
  • To get in touch with your creativity; to play; to question; to connect to your body; to move; to reconnect to what you are the fairy of
  • For this work to be rooted and held in my background in Yoga, Ayurveda, Holistic Health and creativity

The Beautiful Human Project Experience with extra sprinkles

If you’re seeking a more personalised, 1:1 experience to support you in this work you can choose to take up one of the three 1:1 spaces available with The Beautiful Human Project Experience.

Why might 1:1 be a good idea?

  • You know you prefer 1:1 support when learning new things, making changes or working with personal growth
  • You prefer to process things externally, by speaking them out and talking through them with someone
  • You’ve signed up for things like this before but not opened the emails or done any of the work because you lacked accountability
  • When it comes to topics of connecting to your inner beauty and nourishing yourself, working with self-love, you feel like you need a bit of extra support.

Also, just to say of course I’m not a therapist or councilor. My training is as a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner, with a background in making theatre and working creatively. Plus life experience doing extensive self-development and personal growth work, I bring all of these things to the table in my 1:1 work, which is wonderful but sometimes what you need will be a therapist so just make sure to check in with that before you decide.


The Beautiful Human Project Experience: £333

The Beautiful Human Project Experience With Extra Sprinkles: £1111

Want to have a chat before you decide?

Book a no-pressure natter with tea and biscuits below.

The Beautiful Human Project Experience IS for you if…

  • You’re done with always putting the needs of others above your own. You know that once you start prioritising yourself you can show up in the way you truly want to in the world, and serve others better as you do so.
  • You’ve read all the personal development books, done LOADS of journaling & always have the best of intentions but somehow living from self-love & acceptance of your own inner beauty always evades you. You’re ready for community & accountability to help you with this.
  • You wholeheartedly believe that love is the foundation we need in order to create radical positive change in the world & you’re ready to engage with it in a deep, non-fluffy, way.
  • You’re ready to connect to your authentic, creative, joyful & playful self.
  • You’re bored of the standard e-course formula of workbook, online modules & occasional check ins.You don’t have loads of time to invest in doing ‘course work’ but are ready for something high impact.
  • The idea of co-creating an experience with others excites you.

The Beautiful Human Project Experience is NOT for you if…

  • You want to be given a workbook/e-course platform login and be left alone.
  • The idea of identifying what you’re the fairy of doesn’t intrigue you.
  • You want self-love to just be taking weekly bubble baths & eating chocolate.
  • You don’t believe that radical self-love can change the world.You aren’t prepared to jump in, get curious, be playful, have a go or be surprised.
  • You don’t like the idea of being part of a community, supporting each other through this work.
  • You’re happy with putting everybody else above yourself, staying in a system that puts productivity & achievement above everything else and doesn’t create the foundations for radical change.
  • You don’t believe in magic, whatever magic means to you.


I love questions! Let’s have a chat, shall we? A no-pressure natter about self-love & whether The Beautiful Human Project Experience is right for you over tea and biscuits.

One last thing…

Ready to sparkle with self-love?