Possibility of Play; make time to play in the morning

Possibility is one of my favourite words. It contains worlds; so many options, choices and paths to take. It’s not always positive to hear that word, of course, but combine it with play and it’s pure magic. Play is possibility, it’s making anything you can imagine possible. My Happiness Project theme for May is make time for play and I’ve been thinking about my ‘time to play each day’ resolution.

Morning play-time

The morning is my favourite time of day, and it’s directly related to possibility being one of my favourite words. The morning is full of possibility. You might know what the day has in store, but all the intricate details are left to be discovered. I know that the way we start the morning sets us up for the rest of the day. Harvard Psychologist Amy Cuddy says if we stretch like this in the morning we’ll have happier days. Making our beds; eating breakfast; exercising; journaling – all of these things can have great impacts on our days. So what about playing in the morning?

It seems to me the morning is a wonderful time to play as it would set up a playful tone for the rest of the day, which might help us navigate the often tricky ‘adult world’. Children play all the time in the morning; then we reach teenager-hood and get tired and grumpy. Often this remains for adults, and if we’re not tired and grumpy in the morning our heads are often full of our responsibilities and to-do lists for the day.

How can we make time to play?

I read a piece in the Wanderlust book recently that posed this question: “what if you took out your calendar, right now, and made PLAY a priority?” – Shakti Sunfire

Scheduling in time to play seems counterintuitive, but then think back to school break times. What was that if not scheduled play time? It doesn’t have to be long, maybe 5 minutes is all we can give in the morning but that 5 minutes will be invaluable to the rest of the day. And perhaps, as we make time for play we will begin to want to make more and more time for it.

“If we can connect to play, we give our overworked, overwhelmed, self-censoring minds deep rest.” Shakti Sunrise, Wanderlust: A modern yogi’s guide to discovering your best self

What is play, how do I do it?

I have definitely asked myself this question. It’s a sad fact of our lives that often we see ‘adulting’ as not involving any play. So we loose contact with our play muscle, because we don’t exercise it.

After thinking about play this week, and making time for it I’ve decided that play is responding creatively to the world around you. Play is being silly with your partner/child/pet/room mate. It’s not censoring yourself. Play is taking a dance break to your favourite song. It’s journaling, collaging, taking photos, and making up silly songs. Play is personal and it’s full of possibility.

A little drawing I made in some recent play time

How do you make time to play?

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