To be nourished

If nourish were a food it’d be steaming hot soup with home baked seeded bread. If it were a place it’d be a forest leading to a lake and the foothill of a mountain. Fresh air, exercise, adventure – bliss. Something that is nourishing is something that is good for you. Something you feel is good for you. To be nourished isn’t just to relax; it is to be cared for in a comforting, loving way that allows your heart to sing and your soul to bloom.

I made a list of some of the things that give me nourishment, it goes like this…

Time to be alone

Time for silence

Time to write

Creation time

Time to dream big, develop plans and work on goals

Going for walks

Being in nature

Time totally away from work (extended time off, aka a holiday)

Good quality food, drink, clothes…good quality anything really

Exploring new places

Learning something new/deepening existing knowledge

Spending time making my environment nice

Interacting with other people

I was pleased to see some surprises in this list – I think the ability to surprise ourselves should not be underestimated. Perhaps it’s indicative of my introvert nature that interacting with others appears last. The joy in others, and the nourishing quality so naturally gained from this by extroverts, is something not to be forgotten by us quieter souls.

Another surprise addition to the list “time to dream big, develop plans, and work on goals”. I knew this one fit as soon as it came out of me and onto the list, but I did a little double take as I wrote it. Doesn’t this class as work? Well, yes, I suppose but to me working on a personal project and development of my dreams, goals and ambitions is hugely nourishing. I think I’ve been denying myself that for a while.

Finally, good quality. I’ve recently realised the quality of an item (be that bedding, a mug, or a loaf of bread) significantly impacts on my enjoyment of it and nourishment gained from it. Where possible I’m trying to invest in quality and see it not as spending unnecessary money but as being an investment in myself, my wellbeing and nourishment.

What would appear on your list? 

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