Tuning in to yourself, checking in and a beer gold star

It’s time for my Sunday weekly change round up where I take time to evaluate the changes I’ve made this week. Although I didn’t set myself any specific goal this time, there have been a few things I’ve been focusing on. I think the main thing learned this week is the importance of tuning in to yourself. I’ve also thought of some definite changes I want to carry on in the future.

Putting life guidance in plain sight

Yogic yama Ahimsa. Non-violence, compassion and kindness
This post it is stuck on the mirror outside my bedroom.

This week I’ve been thinking about the yogic yama of Ahimsa. As I wrote about in my blog on conflict this means non-violence, compassion and kindness. As recommended in the book Wanderlust:A modern yogi’s guide to discovering your best self I have placed a post-it of this yama in a visible place in my flat. I look at it everyday and ask myself if I think I have acted with Ahimsa that day. It’s a nice visual cue, and has particularly helped me remember to be kind to myself and stop those negative thoughts.

I need to remember to check in with my manifesto for living everyday as well. Although this is in my hallway, I don’t really take the time to notice it properly. I’ve now moved this to a different place in the hope that its new location will help me look at it in a different light. If you have something you don’t take the time to notice anymore, like a painting you really love, perhaps you could try moving it somewhere else in the house?

Tuning in to yourself

Tuning in to yourself

I’ve thought a lot this week about how the benefit of tuning in to yourself more. Listening to what we really feel, need and desire. It helps in a conflict situation to get to the heart of why we’re upset or angry, and it helps us to take our own advice.

I think practising my daily meditation is helping with this, even though I only do 5 – 10 minutes per day. I’m also really trying to tune in and stay present in social situations. I can find it hard in such settings to really identify what I’m feeling and what I need. Whether that’s I need to leave, or I’m having a great time and want to stay.

Facing my fear of taking time off

Taking time off

I wrote about acknowledging our fears and anxieties, but not letting them take control of our lives. Over the past few weeks I’ve acknowledged my anxiety around taking time off. One of the biggest changes I’ve made this week is to write a whole week off into my diary over the Christmas period. I’m feeling excited for this and what it might bring to my life!

Biggest change issues

I've created a new time management system with index cards.

Time management and scheduling remains one of my biggest issues so far. I’ve started to trial a new system for this, to manage the different projects I’m working on. I’ll write about this soon! For now, let’s just say it involves index cards and dividers.

Still, I feel I need to get a better handle on how I manage the time in my work day. This is something I want to dedicate time to in my Happiness Project which I plan to kickstart in January!

Gold star change this week

Gold star change


This week my gold star change goes to boyfriend. Last weekend he went along to a home brewing course I got as a present for his birthday. He didn’t let his fear of going by himself and meeting new people take over, and had a great time. The real gold star, though, is that he’s been doing loads of research and taking notes on how to continue developing this skill at home. He’s acknowledge he’s anxious about how much he has to learn, but is tackling it step by step! Big gold star to him, and here’s a picture of his beer currently brewing on our lounge table.

Beer brewing on our table.
Boyfriend’s first batch of beer brewing on the table.

Have you made any changes this week? What are you most proud of, or what do you still need to work on? Share in the comments below. 

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