Happy September & what this Autumn holds for me

It’s September! I love the turn of the seasons from summer to autumn; bright glowing sun, to gentle hues of russet red and orange. I’ve been feeling the anticipation of this month for a while. Sensing the subtle aroma of autumn on the breeze, delighting in the transition of the trees. If spring is a raucous carnival display of fluttering blossom, autumn is the bonfire night fireworks rounding off the year in dazzling, warming shades.

I don’t just love September for the colours and the crispy mornings with bright blue skies, and the fruit pies with cinnamon (although I adore all of that, and the knitwear). I love September for its sense of infinite possibility. A remnant from my schooldays I hope never goes away. September as a time for change, new development and growth. And – perhaps because of the fact boyfriend and I have often taken long trips away at this time of year – September holds the potential of adventure.

We’re not going on any big trips this year, but I’m still excited because this September brings with it the chance for adventures in the personal sphere. With this in mind I wanted to share with you some of the adventures I’m most excited to be going on this autumn.

USA Autumn leaves
Enjoying the beautiful Autumn leaves on our trip last year.

Developing meaningful theatre work

As you know I’ve been back and forth all summer working on theatre projects. In particular I’ve been developing a new piece of work exploring our society’s relationship to death and dying with my company Witness Theatre. We’re working in collaboration with some great people – not just artists but those working in health and wellbeing too. It’s our first funded project, the result of realising the kind of work we really want to be making and the values we hold around creativity and wellbeing.

This project’s developmental phase ends at the start of October with a sharing to invited industry. I’m eager to see what we create, to show up fully throughout the process and to see where this journey will lead us next.

Working with creative coach Jen Carrington to nurture my own business idea

Another post coming on this soon, but I recently decided to invest in myself and my ideas for an authentic creative businesses by purchasing 6 months of coaching with creative coach Jen Carrington. I’ve admired Jen’s work for a while, and am really excited to dive into working together. If you haven’t heard of her check out her great podcast ‘Make it Happen’.

Further exploring my new home city

As much as the theatre-making work is fantastic, I’m also looking forward to spending more time laying down routes and exploring my new home city of Manchester this Autumn.

Time to grow my yoga practice and teaching here

I’m looking forward to settling in and connecting to the yoga community here, and setting up my own classes!

Seeing, and supporting boyfriend to, grow a meaningful career

I’m also really excited to see where this season takes boyfriend as he seeks out a new career in brewing. He’s had an up and down summer with it all, and I feel some exciting opportunities will be floating by on the autumn breeze any day now.

So I’ll be donning my knitwear and autumnal coloured scarves to get on with all of the above this autumn. What about you? I’d love to hear what autumn holds for you – any new projects or adventures coming up? Let me know in the comments below!


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