Work with me

I’m here to help you connect with your body, explore your creativity (yes yours) and tap into your deep-rooted joy.  I help people unlock their power to live a more joyful and creative life, full of heart and soul. I also help people create change.I do this by creating unique, inspiring and nourishing content especially for you. I create space for you to step outside your everyday life and nourish your soul.

How I do these things

All my offerings blend my yoga and creative practices to create a transformational experience.

Present offerings include:

teaching public yoga classes 

offering private yoga classes tailored to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs

writing inspiring, informative and joyful content both here on this site and for various publications

creating special events and retreats

I bring my joy, passion, enthusiasm, sparkle, creativity and curiosity to everything I offer. My values of intuition, slow and seasonal living, playfulness, self-love and care and the possibilities for positive change are woven through all that I do.


Click on the links below to find out more about yoga, events and retreat offerings. Or get in touch at  to chat about how we can work together.


“The need for change bulldozed a road down the centre of my mind” – Maya Angelou.


Maybe you feel this too, you’ve come to the right space. A good space for change making. Maybe you’re aching for more joy in your daily routine, or maybe you know there is something more you have to offer. A deeper purpose that you aren’t fulfilling. I’ve got you, we can create the change you want and need together.

I create space where dreams can be dreamed, plans can be hatched and, most importantly, change can be made.