Identify & work within your natural rhythms

Nature has cycles, rhythms of life that she sticks to and flows with. The beauty of nature is in these rhythms. You won’t see a tree forcing itself to bloom in November. No, nature is comfortable with her rhythms, and so for this month’s Happiness Project theme I am taking guidance from nature. I want to get to know my natural rhythms better. To understand things like what kind of work it fits me best to do at each time of day. To work with my nature instead of forcing it into a pre-existing mould. It comes down to listening to the cues my body gives me (as so many things really seem to do in essence), observing when it tells me to rest, get up etc.

"Rhythm. It's the beat of your day. The tempo, the sequence. the order." Brooke McAlary, Destination Simple

This month is about capturing these observations, too, and systematising them (in a soft, gentle way). It’s about knowing when I’m alert, and when I’m slower; when I will perform better at certain tasks over others. I want to use my self-knowledge to make life easier for myself. Self-knowledge is one of the greatest tools at our disposal. How often have you felt, as I frequently do, that you’re trying to swim upstream battling through your to-do list? Forcing yourself to carry on with another computer-based task when you’re foggy-headed and bleary-eyed from too many hours at the screen?

By getting to know my rhythms and understand how long is too long on screen-based tasks, when I’m most creative, when I prefer to be moving etc. I hope to mitigate some of that swimming upstream feeling.

So, my resolutions for the month are …

Find your morning & evening rhythms.

We often talk of having routines for these times of day, but I’m sticking with rhythm after reading Brooke McAlary’s Destination Simple. Brooke says this:

“Routine is rigid and inflexible and makes you feel that a set sequence of events needs to happen precisely or the exercise is a failure.

Rhythm, however, is a much friendlier notion. It speaks of order and understanding and flexibility and movement and fluidity”.

Observe my rhythms and make adjustments to how I structure my days based on these observations.

That’s it. Two simple, rhythmic resolutions for October’s Happiness Project theme.Let me know what you think in the comments below, and whether you’ve observed your rhythms and what you’ve found.

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